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Ok, this is masoquist!! Re-reding Mason being soooo cute to Rose, his jealousy, his absolute fate he could take down strigoi and then..... death!!! Crap, that was not fair!! =(

Seems that karma has come after Mia turned to the good's side. Mason, who had his ankle hurt while sking with Rose, who had been jeaulous over Adrian, who went to Spokane for doing something he thought was wourth the risk and ended finding nothing, well until Rose and Christian arrived to take Eddie, Mia and Mason back to the lodge and she figures out that down the shopping there was a Strigoi hiding place! Also we see another proub of human working with Strigoi (after the Badica's massacre) when the kidnap our young heros.

Anyway, only one thing could light up my mood: Adrian Ivashkov. He's just my platonic love. And I couldn't stopo laughing while re-reading his first dream with Rose, she so believed it was all in her head; but we can't blame her, after all how could she have spected to found another spirit user? plus, one that walked through dreams! And talking about Ivashkovs, how much probabilitie there is that Nathan is allied with Viktor?? After all he's so ambisious and he would want to be king, right? Maybe he's enough of a cold blood man to kill his own family (Tatiana).

Also, I can't understand how Rose ends getting on "well" with her mother at the end...is something so not Rose, but, it show's how she's a more mature person in Spirit Bound and how experiences like Spokena can change her way of living and thinking. She even start getting on well with Mia, who had also been through a lot after having her mom killed by strigoi and going hunting with Mason and Eddie.

In conclusion, Rose definetely can't expect what's going to happen in the next book. And she thought Spokena and the Badica's experience had been traumatic....

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