sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Vampire Academy

Well, preventing those who are going to read i have to make clear that this is going to have spoilers!! I'm an avid reader, and practicaly ate the first 4 books in two days when I found this amazing Serie.

The first book of the serie shows a world where I would love to live. Being a Damphir, with all that super-strengh and quick reaccions fighting the evil and inmortal Strigoi while protecting my friends would totally make me happy, well keeping apart the danger of fighting lethal Strigois with their even sharper senses.

Rose Hathaway is a one of those characters which whom a girl can easily feel identified, or at least I can. Always wanting to do right, sarcastic, strong of mind and also trying to enjoy everyday but at the same time a teenager with a ego-problem (cause, yeahh, Rose totally aproves her one body and know the effects she causes in boys, specially morois) which sometimes runs as a good card, one can easily get into Rose mind and understand her actions and ways of thinking. Never mind what problem you have you can always count with impulsive Rose for saving the day, specially if you are a blond moroi called Lissa, her bound-best-friend.

Vasilisa, last descendand of the royal line of Dragomir's, is Rose best friend and future assigment to guard. Our heroin always sacrifices herself in order to do the best for Lissa and her well-being. Orphan Lissa is also a complement to Rose impulsive and all-to-action personality with her shy ways, pacience and over thinking head. But no matter the differences, this girls will always have each other over everything else. Well, maybe until guys enter in the scene.

Untisocial, sarcastic and moroi Christian Ozera will seduce and fall in love with Princess Lissa, understanding her as no one can (obviously except Rose, who can enter in her best friend's mind).

Badass and self-controled Dimitri Belikov will capture Rose and Lissa two years after the grils have dropped school in order to scape from threads upon Lissa. In order to catch with her mates Rose is asigned Dimitri as personal tutor. Class after class she will start falling for this Russian God that can teach her lots of things. But the difference of age and profesor-pupil relacionship will make imposible their relationship.

All will be even worst for Rose when threats return to tortur Lissa and her best friend will need protection and a well trained guardian to protect her from a person whom she trusts and respects but has bad intentions towards her special powers.

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