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Shadow Kiss

Rose hope's to be assigned with Lissa, but end's up with Christian "I was about to spend six weeks with Christian Ozera. He was sarcastic, difficult, and made jokes about
everything. Actually, he was a lot like me." Well, Rose said it well enough. And Lissa was asigned to Eddie, who had gotten more serious after being useless in Spokane, lossing his best friend Mason and (just like Rose) blames himself for Mason's death.

Be also met a new character: Jill, with pale green eyes that remember Rose to someone else..mmm who has that kind of green eyes: two royal families, Dashkov and,...Dragomir!. I won't say anything else like remember Tatiana's letter about Eric's illegitimate son/daughter... I'll just leave it to your imagination.

We re-descovered Rose's shadow kissed hability to see ghosts, which is NOT funny, although it ends up helping the guardians to find the strigoi's hiding place BUT maybe that is not a good thing. Yeah, they saved lots of moroi an dhampirs (including Eddie) but meaned loosing Dimitri.

Remember when I said Frostbite was masochist??? Cross that out!! THIS is masochist!! I don't really like Dimitri anymore, but either way it was so sad to see him turn strigoi again! Just unfair, does all men Rose have a relationship with end dead??? (I hope that only affects Damphirs, and leave my royal moroi in peace!!) In this book be finally see Dimitri loosing some of his self-control and actually being with Rose, but just after the cabin he got killed -or rather turned to strigoi by the blond strigoi who had talked to Rose during the fight at the academy-

Anyway, this Dimitri-strigoi thing leads us to another issue: Lissa. Ok, she is rose's best friend and future assigment, the last Dragomir, she'd lost her hole family in the car accident but all those things give her NO right to tell Rose she's being unfair about going hunting Dimitri down and leaving her "alone". One of the things that puts VAmpire Academy as my favourite saga is Rose herself, her way of being, the key points that we share and the ones i'd like to achieve, so Lissa treating Rose the way she did really get to my nerves...But as we know Rose, she'll never do what others told her so she left, to hunt the man she loved.

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