lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Spirit Bound

Just finished reading this awasome book!! God, Adrian is soooo cute!! Although Rose is 3/4 of the book thinking of how to get Dimitri back to damphir, and then when he actually comes back and she is following him everywhere, Adrian will always stay with her,that's a thing only a guy in love will do!!.And i'm truly thinking about Jill being Lissa's sister... first in shadow kissed with her jade green eyes and now with Rose quote about saying how Lissa Reminded her of Jill...

"Don't think of him as a real person" I think Eddie's mantra has been planted deep in my mind cause i can't stand Dimitri anymore, how does he dare to say to Rose "I've given up on you. Love fades. Mine has"????? he's totally crazy!!! And I'm totally team Adrian...."I can't be mad at you over that. It was stupid, but that's how love is. Do you have any idea what I'd do for you? " God that guy is the love of my life!! He's the perfect choice: funny, hot, honest, sweet, he's always there for Rose no matter what, always understand her, forgive her, he lets her take her own choices (not like some Russian stupid boy I know...) and respects her no mather what!!! But i didn't like at all Sidney comment about Adrian been cute (we all know it's true but it doesn't sound good from her, also because we know she'll appear in the spin off and her liking Adrian is a bad thing).

Leaving all this love drama for another discussion....who killed the queen???? THE question, that one that is making all of as go crazy! She had to have had some posible clue, otherwise she wouldn't have left that letter to Rose....who was so unfairfully seen as the murderer (she should have had a better control when speaking in public but we all know her and know that's never gonna happen) and was the "cause" for Lissa and Christian for going back together(yeahhh, those two knows very well the most perfect moment for going back).. I don't think we've seen the last about Viktor and Robert yet...and most surely they got something to do with Tatiana's murderer, who i have a serious suspicion it's Nathan Ivashkov

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