lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Spirit Bound

Just finished reading this awasome book!! God, Adrian is soooo cute!! Although Rose is 3/4 of the book thinking of how to get Dimitri back to damphir, and then when he actually comes back and she is following him everywhere, Adrian will always stay with her,that's a thing only a guy in love will do!!.And i'm truly thinking about Jill being Lissa's sister... first in shadow kissed with her jade green eyes and now with Rose quote about saying how Lissa Reminded her of Jill...

"Don't think of him as a real person" I think Eddie's mantra has been planted deep in my mind cause i can't stand Dimitri anymore, how does he dare to say to Rose "I've given up on you. Love fades. Mine has"????? he's totally crazy!!! And I'm totally team Adrian...."I can't be mad at you over that. It was stupid, but that's how love is. Do you have any idea what I'd do for you? " God that guy is the love of my life!! He's the perfect choice: funny, hot, honest, sweet, he's always there for Rose no matter what, always understand her, forgive her, he lets her take her own choices (not like some Russian stupid boy I know...) and respects her no mather what!!! But i didn't like at all Sidney comment about Adrian been cute (we all know it's true but it doesn't sound good from her, also because we know she'll appear in the spin off and her liking Adrian is a bad thing).

Leaving all this love drama for another discussion....who killed the queen???? THE question, that one that is making all of as go crazy! She had to have had some posible clue, otherwise she wouldn't have left that letter to Rose....who was so unfairfully seen as the murderer (she should have had a better control when speaking in public but we all know her and know that's never gonna happen) and was the "cause" for Lissa and Christian for going back together(yeahhh, those two knows very well the most perfect moment for going back).. I don't think we've seen the last about Viktor and Robert yet...and most surely they got something to do with Tatiana's murderer, who i have a serious suspicion it's Nathan Ivashkov

domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Blood Promise

Rose (with Adrian's financial support and a promise to give him a fair choice after this) travels to Russia in order to kill the love of her life:Dimitri, who had been turned strigoi. After weeks of nonesence search and strigoi killing she meets Sydney, and alchemist -humans that know about moroi, dhampir and strigoi and are in charge of getting rid of strigoi's bodys and cover ups for different situations in which Damphirs get themselves into-. She doesn't like moroi and dhampir (the same way she dislikes Strigoi) but she ends up helping Rose to get to Dmitri's town where she stay with the Belikovs.

Here's where Rose establish "family bounds" with her undead boyfriend's family and get to met another spirit user and shadow kissed. She gets quite well with Viktoria until Rose split her up from her boyfriend, they have a fight with Vikotoria telling Rose she's not part of the Belikovs and Rose decides to leave with Nikolay's brother to Novosibirsk where she finally founds (or she is found by) Dimitri.

Now the party is up!! We have sexy strigoi Dimitri having captive poor in loved Rose and bites her until she doesn't remember she needs to get out and help Lissa. Lissa is now friend with Avery Lazar, a "air user" whom we descovered later is Spirit user with two shadow kissed, and Rose and I don't like her (specially cause Avery likes Adrian).

Finally with some badass Rose atittute she manages to scape from Dimitri until they got to the bridge... My favourite scene from Blood Promise:

D: We need to be together
D:Because I want you
R:Wrong Answer

Then we got the suicide intent of Rose and while she kills him:

R:I will always love you
D:That's what I was supposed to say

It was such a perfect scene! Then Rose gets to Novosibirks with a human old cupple (seems humans aren't entirely lost) and to Zmey and Oksana who ends up helping Rose to get into Lissa's mind to help her fight Avery's compulcion (she wanted Lissa to be her third shadow kissed and was going to compell Lissa to kill herself in order to bring her back) and finally she manages to get Lissa rid of Avery.

After this Rose is send back to U.S. by Abe and to the Academy where she enrolls back thanks to an anonymous contributor (say Abe) and a talk with her mother, she make peace with Lissa and Adrian (who had stop visiting her dreams when Rose refused to tell him where the spirit user she'd discovered was, and with a little help of Avery) and is about to write an essay of why he'll be a good boyfriend to Rose.

But as always Rose can't just have a happy and peaceful life. When she is starting to believe turning back a strigoi to it's original form is just fairytail she recieved a present. Non less than the silver stake she'd pulled through Dimitri's heart send by non less than Dimitri. Now she'll need to kill him once and for all. So it's a good thing that Rose can work well under pressure.

sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Shadow Kiss

Rose hope's to be assigned with Lissa, but end's up with Christian "I was about to spend six weeks with Christian Ozera. He was sarcastic, difficult, and made jokes about
everything. Actually, he was a lot like me." Well, Rose said it well enough. And Lissa was asigned to Eddie, who had gotten more serious after being useless in Spokane, lossing his best friend Mason and (just like Rose) blames himself for Mason's death.

Be also met a new character: Jill, with pale green eyes that remember Rose to someone else..mmm who has that kind of green eyes: two royal families, Dashkov and,...Dragomir!. I won't say anything else like remember Tatiana's letter about Eric's illegitimate son/daughter... I'll just leave it to your imagination.

We re-descovered Rose's shadow kissed hability to see ghosts, which is NOT funny, although it ends up helping the guardians to find the strigoi's hiding place BUT maybe that is not a good thing. Yeah, they saved lots of moroi an dhampirs (including Eddie) but meaned loosing Dimitri.

Remember when I said Frostbite was masochist??? Cross that out!! THIS is masochist!! I don't really like Dimitri anymore, but either way it was so sad to see him turn strigoi again! Just unfair, does all men Rose have a relationship with end dead??? (I hope that only affects Damphirs, and leave my royal moroi in peace!!) In this book be finally see Dimitri loosing some of his self-control and actually being with Rose, but just after the cabin he got killed -or rather turned to strigoi by the blond strigoi who had talked to Rose during the fight at the academy-

Anyway, this Dimitri-strigoi thing leads us to another issue: Lissa. Ok, she is rose's best friend and future assigment, the last Dragomir, she'd lost her hole family in the car accident but all those things give her NO right to tell Rose she's being unfair about going hunting Dimitri down and leaving her "alone". One of the things that puts VAmpire Academy as my favourite saga is Rose herself, her way of being, the key points that we share and the ones i'd like to achieve, so Lissa treating Rose the way she did really get to my nerves...But as we know Rose, she'll never do what others told her so she left, to hunt the man she loved.


Ok, this is masoquist!! Re-reding Mason being soooo cute to Rose, his jealousy, his absolute fate he could take down strigoi and then..... death!!! Crap, that was not fair!! =(

Seems that karma has come after Mia turned to the good's side. Mason, who had his ankle hurt while sking with Rose, who had been jeaulous over Adrian, who went to Spokane for doing something he thought was wourth the risk and ended finding nothing, well until Rose and Christian arrived to take Eddie, Mia and Mason back to the lodge and she figures out that down the shopping there was a Strigoi hiding place! Also we see another proub of human working with Strigoi (after the Badica's massacre) when the kidnap our young heros.

Anyway, only one thing could light up my mood: Adrian Ivashkov. He's just my platonic love. And I couldn't stopo laughing while re-reading his first dream with Rose, she so believed it was all in her head; but we can't blame her, after all how could she have spected to found another spirit user? plus, one that walked through dreams! And talking about Ivashkovs, how much probabilitie there is that Nathan is allied with Viktor?? After all he's so ambisious and he would want to be king, right? Maybe he's enough of a cold blood man to kill his own family (Tatiana).

Also, I can't understand how Rose ends getting on "well" with her mother at the something so not Rose, but, it show's how she's a more mature person in Spirit Bound and how experiences like Spokena can change her way of living and thinking. She even start getting on well with Mia, who had also been through a lot after having her mom killed by strigoi and going hunting with Mason and Eddie.

In conclusion, Rose definetely can't expect what's going to happen in the next book. And she thought Spokena and the Badica's experience had been traumatic....