domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Blood Promise

Rose (with Adrian's financial support and a promise to give him a fair choice after this) travels to Russia in order to kill the love of her life:Dimitri, who had been turned strigoi. After weeks of nonesence search and strigoi killing she meets Sydney, and alchemist -humans that know about moroi, dhampir and strigoi and are in charge of getting rid of strigoi's bodys and cover ups for different situations in which Damphirs get themselves into-. She doesn't like moroi and dhampir (the same way she dislikes Strigoi) but she ends up helping Rose to get to Dmitri's town where she stay with the Belikovs.

Here's where Rose establish "family bounds" with her undead boyfriend's family and get to met another spirit user and shadow kissed. She gets quite well with Viktoria until Rose split her up from her boyfriend, they have a fight with Vikotoria telling Rose she's not part of the Belikovs and Rose decides to leave with Nikolay's brother to Novosibirsk where she finally founds (or she is found by) Dimitri.

Now the party is up!! We have sexy strigoi Dimitri having captive poor in loved Rose and bites her until she doesn't remember she needs to get out and help Lissa. Lissa is now friend with Avery Lazar, a "air user" whom we descovered later is Spirit user with two shadow kissed, and Rose and I don't like her (specially cause Avery likes Adrian).

Finally with some badass Rose atittute she manages to scape from Dimitri until they got to the bridge... My favourite scene from Blood Promise:

D: We need to be together
D:Because I want you
R:Wrong Answer

Then we got the suicide intent of Rose and while she kills him:

R:I will always love you
D:That's what I was supposed to say

It was such a perfect scene! Then Rose gets to Novosibirks with a human old cupple (seems humans aren't entirely lost) and to Zmey and Oksana who ends up helping Rose to get into Lissa's mind to help her fight Avery's compulcion (she wanted Lissa to be her third shadow kissed and was going to compell Lissa to kill herself in order to bring her back) and finally she manages to get Lissa rid of Avery.

After this Rose is send back to U.S. by Abe and to the Academy where she enrolls back thanks to an anonymous contributor (say Abe) and a talk with her mother, she make peace with Lissa and Adrian (who had stop visiting her dreams when Rose refused to tell him where the spirit user she'd discovered was, and with a little help of Avery) and is about to write an essay of why he'll be a good boyfriend to Rose.

But as always Rose can't just have a happy and peaceful life. When she is starting to believe turning back a strigoi to it's original form is just fairytail she recieved a present. Non less than the silver stake she'd pulled through Dimitri's heart send by non less than Dimitri. Now she'll need to kill him once and for all. So it's a good thing that Rose can work well under pressure.

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